[Henry Driver|Secrets of Soil]

Secrets of Soil is an interactive journey that explores the hidden world of soil and its role in combating climate change. Your journey will take you to a microscopic world, witnessing the essential life forms that live there.

Explore the microscopic landscape to understand the many citizens of the soil and the essential roles they play in this diverse ecosystem. Witness how bacteria and plants speak to each other. Glide through vast fungal webs. Create earthworm burrows. Or simply relax and linger in dazzling soilscapes and explore this unseen world. Unearth the secret of how this hidden universe could help save us from climate disaster.

Secrets of Soil is an artist’s vision centred around bringing awareness to the change that we can all be a part of when thinking about the world we live in. The project received support from leading Plant Science and Microbiology Researchers at the John Innes Centre, UK.

I wanted to create a piece which connects audiences to the hidden ecosystem buried beneath our feet. To inspire audiences to think differently about the soil by taking them on an underground visually stunning odyssey.