Posters & Demos


The Ethics of Virtual Reality Interactive Digital Narratives in Cultural Heritage

 by Jonathan Barbara, Hartmut Koenitz and Ágnes Karolina Bakk

VR for Diversity: Amelia's Dream

 by Mirjam Vosmeer

Beats & Units Framework: A story-game integration framework for the ideation stage of narrative design of serious games

by Nelson Zagalo, Ana Patrícia Oliveira and Pedro Cardoso

A Preliminary Survey on Story Interestingness: Focusing on Cognitive and Emotional Interest

by Byung-Chull Bae, Suji Jang, Youngjune Kim and Seyoung Park

Encouraging self-expression and debate in RecovR: a research-creation project to build a ludo-narrative model for a sustainable impact on cultural diversity and inclusivity

by Hélène Sellier

Interviews towards designing support tools for TTRPG game masters

by Devi Acharya, Michael Mateas and Noah Wardrip-Fruin​

The Magic of the In-Between: Mental Resilience through Interactive Narrative

by Sarah Harmon, Hazel Gale and Elitsa Dermendzhiyska

Enhancing interactivity in Propp-based narrative generation

by Luis Mienhardt and Marco Volpe

Creativity and Collaboration During COVID-19: Creating an Alternate Reality Game in the Face of a Pandemic

by Diego L. Faverio, Iulia V. Popescu and Matthew Mosher

A Pilot Study on Analyzing Critical Retellings using Digital Humanities Tools

by Tonguc Ibrahim Sezen and Digdem Sezen


Tale: Defamiliarizing ludonarrative puzzles

by Antonino Frazzitta and Charlie Hargood

Ressaca and Dispersão: experiments in non-linear cinema

by Bruno Caldas Vianna

Blabbeur – An Accessible Text Generation Authoring System for Unity

by Jonathan Lessard and Quinn Kybartas