Mozilla Hubs Instructions

ICIDS 2021 will take place in a hybrid format, both online and in Tallinn, Estonia, from 7-10 December 2021. If you are interested in joining any of the Mozilla Hubs, these directions are for you.

It is suggested you access ARDIN XR through FireFox for the best performance


  • Navigate to the room of your choice by clicking one of the links to the right
  • At this point, you can choose to enter on a VR device, spectate, or join the room. Let’s JOIN.

  • Choose a name folks will recognize. Check out some of our avatars. When you are ready, move on.

  • Now, let’s sign in! You need to sign in to share your screen or video. To sign in on Mozilla Hubs does not require login credentials. Instead, we send a Magic Link to your email.

  • Don’t close this window. Check your email for a message from It may take up to 5 minutes. Once the email arrives, click the provided link.

  • Once you click that link, you are logged in for all of ICIDS 2021’s Mozilla Hubs’ spaces. 

  • You can now share your screen, webcam, models, and more!
  • Additional directions are in the individual rooms

Mozilla Hubs Rooms

Art Exhibition

Poster Session

  • Poster Session Space One
  • Poster Session Space Two
  • Poster Session Space Three

Demo Session

  • Demo Session Space One
  • Demo Session Space Two
  • Demo Session Space Three

Coffee Break One

Coffee Break Two

Coffee Break Three